I am from Hannibal, MO and I currently live in Denver, CO. I am a mixed media painter. I have my BFA with an emphasis in Illustration. I am deeply inspired by growth and color palettes found in nature. Simultaneous Contrast and dynamic compositions play with the mind and how one approaches a painting. I am in love with micro biology and the shapes found in plant cells in particular. I want to make illustrative abstract landscapes where the viewer can get lost in an unrecognizable environment as if it were their home. I want to always grow and change as an artist and continue to make graphic images in print, collage, and sculpting techniques along with my acrylic, chalk, ink, and graphite pieces. I create so much work that I do not post everything in the gallery here, but there are over 100 examples of my work and the different styles I like to use. Thanks so much for having enough interest to get to this sentence!!! ~ Emma Ginsberg  

Look for my artwork at the following locations:

First Fridays.
Hope Tank.
Santa Fe Arts District.
Denver, CO

Willow Artisan's Market. Featured Artist
2400 W. Main St., Littleton, CO

April 26-27, 2014
FireFly Handmade Market. Juried Fair
Watershed School
1661 Alpine Avenue, Boulder, CO

June-August 2014
Art Garage. Gallery Showcase
6100 E. 23rd. Ave., Denver, CO